We glue the murals with your own hands

Wall murals are chosen, now it remains only to glue them. How do you need to stick them correctly so that there are no defects? Is there a special technology for gluing photo wallpaper?

The technology of gluing photo wallpaper depends on what is the basis of the wallpaper. But regardless of the basis, there are general rules, observing which you will definitely cope with this not easy task.

First of all, it is necessary that the surface intended for gluing photo wallpaper be completely smooth and clean. You can achieve evenness with gypsum putty. After the putty is completely dried, it is necessary to walk along it with fine -grained sandpaper paper, removing all the irregularities and rustling. Having prepared the surface, you can start gluing photo wallpaper.

You can start gluing by compiling a list of all materials that are necessary for gluing photo wallpaper so that during installation you do not spend time looking for a particular thing.

Necessary tools and materials

- Glue on a natural basis, suitable for the type of photo wallpaper that we will glue.

- container for breeding and stirring glue.

- A roller and a small brush for applying glue.

- rubber roller for smoothing photo wallpaper.

- Wet sponge or rag.

- Construction or stationery knife, if you need to cut.

- Roulette.

- Level.

- The plumb line.

- Pencil.

The process of gluing photo wallpaper

After all the tools have prepared, it is necessary to lay out all the parts of the photo wallpaper on the floor and collect them in the overall picture.

For the simplicity of gluing photo wallpaper, using a plumb line and level, we mark the wall and denote a place for each part of the picture. In the instructions for the selected murals, as a rule, the procedure for gluing parts of the picture and the size of the maximum permissible overlap of one panel per panel per pan are indicated.

Next, prepare the glue, it must be diluted in the proportion of the adhesive recommended by the manufacturer. We apply glue on the first panel, using a roller and then a small brush will go along the edges of the photo wallpaper panel.

It is necessary to monitor the photo wallpaper so that they do not die from the glue, so we glue the panel almost immediately after applying the glue.

By applying the first part to our markup on the wall, smooth it from the center to the edges with a rubber roller, carefully expanding the bubbles of air. We carefully remove the entire glue that performed with a damp sponge or a rag. We glue all subsequent parts of the photo wallpaper in exactly the same way as the first part, following the markup. There is a list of the best bitcoin brokers