Kitchen dishes: types and quantity

Everyone knows that in the kitchen of a good housewife, everyone knows. Who might assume that there should be so many dishes to be completely enough, but there were not too many. The kitchen utensils are already ceasing to be placed in the cabinets, and the hand does not rise to remove them or at all to throw them away. Even despite the fact that you use them extremely rarely, sometimes doubts arise about their instant need. What and in what quantities should be present in the kitchen we will try to consider today. The opinion for frying and cooking that the optimal number of pans in any kitchen should not exceed three pieces and, most importantly, of different diameters. Mandatory is the presence of a frying pan with a thick bottom designed for extinguishing products. It also does not hurt to buy a frying pan for pancakes, especially if in your family this dish is one of the most beloved. But the best option is the good old cast-iron pans. The seven of three or four people for cooking will come in handy only 3 pots, one of which should be at least 5 liters (for the preparation of the first dishes), the remaining three-liter ones for the latter. It will also not hurt to get a stewpan for cooking for one portion. The overtime of the arsenal of the arsenal for the oven must be present 2 baking sheets, a baking pot of small diameter, as well as forms for the preparation of baking (large and small). It does not hurt to get a shape with high sides, so that it is also convenient to cook dishes with sauces. The linen lilies of the lady is never superfluous in the kitchen: one can be used to pour soup, while the other is for compote or jelly. You should also not neglect sieve and a cooler for pasta or fruits. It is extremely rare to use items, however, their presence can significantly facilitate your culinary preparations, we can attribute: a crowd for potatoes, garlic, a corkscrew, a hammer for knocking meat, a grater and a whisk for whipping. Dosks and knife ideally, the number of cutting boards not It should exceed 2 to 3 pieces: for fish or meat products, cutting bread and vegetables. As for the knives, their number can be the same, but it may significantly exceed it. In order to be successful, you need to know the path to success. The road to success on this site is spinaway casino very easy, just go in and start making money, there is nothing complicated about it. I myself have made a lot of money for a living and many others are making constant money here every day.