Overview of the comic book "Defender of Fire"

The Comic "Defender of Fire" has come a long way before reaching the reader. The author, Iman Tadayon, Iranian by nationality, wanted to give out a comic book in his homeland, but for a number of reasons he did not succeed. Fortunately, the guys from UA Comix took everything into their own hands and gave it to Ukraine.

“Fire Defender” is, first of all, the author’s attempt to convey to the world part of Persian mythology, which is the basis of a separate religion. Of course, for me, which was never interested in the culture and history of the Middle East, it was difficult to resort to all subtleties. Therefore, I had to open Wikipedia and study this issue a little deeper. And so that you do not have to do the same, keep a little historical certificate.

From the 2nd to the 7th century AD, the territory of modern Iran was part of Eranshahr, or easier - the Sassanid states, which kept almost the entire Middle East and Central Asia under their control. The religion of the Sasanids state was Zoroastrism, the supreme god and the creator in which is considered Ahuramazd. The followers of Zoroastrism were called, since they lit it in the temples and turned their prayers to him. The opposition of Ahuramazde is Ahriman, who seduces people on evil acts and leads the legions of devas. And also, if you played the games of the Prince of Persia series, then Ahriman is the main antagonist there. In the VII century, the Arab caliphate captured most of the continent, including Eranshahr - the Islamization of the territory of modern Iran and the destruction of the temples of Zoroastrianism took place. Today, Zoroastrians in the world have about 200,000 people.

The comic tells us about the modern priest of Zoroastrianism, the Mead behind one of the members of the Order of the Guardians of Fire. From the first frames it seems that the keepers exist to complain about themselves, but then it turns out that they still do not give Ahriman and his Deva army to break into our world. To do this, they once gave them golden discs for a long time, which in good hands turn into an analogue of a laser blaster and shoot a ray of light. One of these artifacts is so powerful that it had to be divided into two parts and hid in different temples so that no one could use his power for evil purposes.

Trying to save the last of the seven elect, separating Ahriman from the invasion of the Earth and whose origin does not explain to us, the keepers stumble upon the Jerusalem crusaders. Those fought with the army of Muslims (according to the Alliance!) In the name of God, entered the portal that arose on the battlefield and moved right in our time. The crusaders, instead of scaring cars and rushing with a spear to the TV, are united with guardians and all together go to where the last time they saw evil spirits, namely in the XII century.

The first part of the comic book ends with the fact that the keeper of the times of the Sassanids is the main character and transfers it to his mind, like animus to discover the truth. In general, I can say that the comic turned out. First of all, it attracts attention with his drawing, and if you understand what is happening, then also a plot. Therefore, we will wait for the second part of the comic and think that the author will tell us still interesting. you wonder when your moment and your day will come, but I say the most important thing is the fact that if you try it, I can't say just the day will come faster than you might think, http://unlimitedip.io I think you will just get lucky and so come to the site quickly and earn today.