Peeling the legs with fish: how is the procedure performed?

There are many different exotic types of peeling, and the most exotic is peeling fish. This type of peeling has become a very fashionable procedure in the spa centers of America and Europe. Slowly peeling the legs with fish is being introduced into our Russian SPA centers, so it's worth telling about this procedure in more detail.Peeling with Garra RufaPiling this is done by unique fish, which are called Garra Rufa, and which belong to the family of cyprinid fish. The fish clean the skin with their mouth and thereby eliminate all keratinized and dead tissue cells. Peeling with Garra Rufa fish is not painful and unpleasant, but on the contrary, it leaves only pleasant sensations and positive emotions, and during the procedure you will feel nothing but pleasure.In addition to the fact that Garra Rufa fish clean and exfoliate the skin, they also treat it, since these fish have substances in their saliva that have an anti-inflammatory effect. This has a good effect on the skin, after peeling it becomes soft, smooth and healthy. This procedure is recommended for those people who suffer from diseases such as dermatitis, neurodermatitis, psoriasis, eczema and other skin diseases.How is the procedure performed?This procedure is carried out in a fairly simple way: a bath with water is taken, the temperature of which is comfortable for the client, the client puts his hands, feet or body completely into this bath and then several fish are launched there. It is most popular to carry out peeling of the legs with fish, since the legs need this procedure most of all.They are not fed before the procedure, so they begin to "eat" the keratinized areas and dead cells of your skin. While the fish are being sated, the client is completely relaxed, and he enjoys a slight tingling and a pleasant procedure.If you want to go through this procedure, then first you need to consult with a specialist beforehand, and then you need to find the right beauty salon where sterility is observed. In Asian countries, this procedure is carried out right on the street, which can be dangerous, because when a client changes, the fish are not changed, and they can easily pick up an infection and transfer it to another person.Peeling with Garra Rufa fish does not cause any harm to living and healthy skin cells. It is used for the treatment of skin diseases, especially with psoriasis.Indications for peeling fish- Psoriasis- Vitiligo- Psoriatic arthropathy- Children's eczema- Ichthyosis- Hyperkeratosis- Neurodermatitis- Acne- Rosacea- Chronic eczema- Fungal skin diseases- Lichen planus contraindications- Lupus erythematosus- Malignant neoplasms- Thrombophlebitis- Psoriatic erythroderma The procedure lasts 1.5 hours for peeling fish. It includes taking a shower before and after peeling. The session costs 2000 rubles. And the course of procedures can reach up to 1000 US dollars. Buy Cenforce Online: https://wheretobuyinus.com/product/cenforce/ cheap.