About us

A picture is worth a thousand words.

You’ve probably heard an expresion that a picture is worth a thousand words many times. And this old saying is as relevant today as it has ever been. All it means is that a complex idea can often be conveyed with just a single image or that an image of an object can put its meaning or essence across much faster and more effectively than any description can.

Don’t get us wrong. We believe in words. We just think that in this fast-moving world it’s often better and more efficient to use images. If you need to visualize complex machinery, showcase your new packaging, or simply impress a client with a stunning image of their product, we can help. We will create something “worth a thousand words”.

Photorealistic renderings

Translucent materials with accurate index of refraction, impeccable illumination and reflections, real world camera settings and thousand other “little” things make our 3D renders simply stunning.

Attention to detail

When modelling an object, every detail counts. Every small polygon and every little shadow adds its part to final impressive picture. With us, nothing is half baked. 

Vivid and identifying materials

Even the best 3D model is nothing without proper material. We can create everything, from exotic wood, plastics, fluids, to glass and metal. Having a chemical engineer on our team, helps us immensely in understanding the properties of every material, so nothing is left to chance. 

Dependability, speed and excellent pricing

Our team of skilled artists and modelers guarantees you breathtaking quality and responsiveness. All that at extremely affordable prices.

So trust us and let W1000W help you sell your ideas.